More and more people are saying that electric chainsaws beat gas chainsaws. It sounds like a controversial statement, but cordless electric saws do eliminate most of the issues that make gas powered chainsaws a pain.

Electric chainsaws reduce emissions by using electricity instead of oil and gas. With the electric chainsaw, you can just charge the battery. No need to purchase oil, no worries about if it leak oil. Besides, they’re cheaper to run — most don’t need maintenance beyond an occasional chain sharpening.

Electric chainsaws also eliminate carburetors, fuel lines, spark plugs, and air filters, including the cost and hassle of maintaining, cleaning, and replacing those. Because they don’t use gas, gas won’t go bad inside the saw. And they bring little noise compared with oil powered chainsaws , not only will they be less disturbing to your neighbors and wildlife, but there’s less chance they’ll impact your hearing.

They’re also super easy to start. If you’re an intermittent user, that may be what convinces you to make the switch. Electric chainsaws start when you release the safety and pull the trigger with your finger. There’s no pull cord, so there’s no need to leave a saw idling so you don’t have to start it again or to keep the gas engine warm. Electric chainsaws turn on and off in a flash. And when they’re on, because they vibrate less, they’re less tiring to use.

Be careful when you use an electric chainsaw. Because there’s no roar of a gas-powered engine, they can seem like toys. But an electric chainsaw chain can do just as much work as a gas-powered saw — and just as much damage if used inappropriately.

Then, get after your project. Electric chainsaws can handle it if you choose the right size, no matter how big or small.



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