Why Use ASJMREYE 6" Mini Chainsaw

Using a regular chainsaw for tree pruning can be a precarious situation, especially if you involve a ladder. Balancing with one hand while trying to operate a heavy chainsaw with the other is a recipe for disaster. Besides, it’s not the right tool for the job. Using the right tools will save a lot of time. You will have more time to enjoy yourself and get other things done

Fortunately, mini cordless chainsaws exist for this exact task. They’re designed to be used with one hand, so they’re light, easy to use, and they make tree pruning a safe and easy task. Due to their small size, they’re usually battery-powered. It's easy to carry and complete cutting task.

handtool saw purning the tree


Pruning your trees has a massive effect on the health of the trees in your yard. It’s an effective way to remove dead or diseased branches, allows light in for new growth, and improves air circulation to prevent further disease. It also promotes the natural shape of the tree and makes your yard look like it’s in the best shape.

Yes, pruning the branches may seem like damaging the environment, but pruning the dead branches is helping the trees to grow. Soulout has given us a lot of insights on how to protect the environment and how to co-exist with nature.

Tree pruning is quite a chore if you don’t have the right tools. Using a handsaw to cut thick branches is a difficult and time-consuming thing to do. It also drains your strength. People who are not skilled in using hand saws tend to hurt themselves

some dead or diseased branches


In order to design and develop the best mini chainsaw, we've gone through various factors.


  • Size: We made the upper limit for the length of the bar 6 inches. Most chainsaws in this range are designed to be used with one hand and can firmly be defined as mini.
  • User experience:  We wanted to add a range of products that can be used by people with varying experience levels with chainsaws. There are chainsaws with all the safety features and others that are intended for experienced users.
  • Power:  All chainsaws of this size are battery-powered. We made sure to choose products that have a long battery life or come with two batteries so your work won’t be interrupted.
  • Weight: It should be possible to use a mini chainsaw with one hand. In fact, most of them are designed to be used with one hand. We included a chainsaw in this list that can be used with two hands for those who need extra control or stability.

 a mini chainsaw is purning the tree


Our top pick for mini chainsaws is the ASJMREYE 6" Mini Chainsaw. The compact design, coupled with the safety features and the fact that it comes as a complete kit, makes this your number one choice.

This 6-inch chainsaw is designed specifically for single-handed tree pruning.

It’s light and compact enough to take with you when you climb up the nearest tree. There’s a guard over the blade to protect the user in the event of the saw kicking back. There’s also a handy safety button that needs to be engaged at the same time as the trigger for the blade to start spinning. It’s an excellent safety feature that will stop the saw from working when you least expect it.

ASJMREYE 6" inch chainsaws

What’s more, this product comes with everything you need to start pruning. Two batteries, a charger, three chains, a screwdriver and wrench all packaged up in a neat carrying case.

Who Should Buy It: For those who are serious about safety and tree pruning. The safety features of this saw are excellent and will prevent you from any accidents.



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Ioan Constantin Benea

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