How to Use Lift Chairs correctly

There is some warning when use a lift and recline chair. Please notice and keep in mind when you received your new chairs. To avoid injury and/or property damage, upholstered furniture with moving parts should be handled with care. To use an upholstered recliner safely, here are some tips to know:

👉The recline mechanism can only be operated by the seat occupant. Others operate will cause unexpected accident to the users.

👉Turn off the recline completely before you get up or sit down. Or it might suddenly go up or down when you press it without attention.

👉Never sit on the footstool (footrest) when it is open.

👉Do not sit on the armrests of recliners.

👉Use caution when operating the tilting device when small children and pets are present.

👉Do not allow children to play or operate on the recliner.

👉Before operating the recliner, make sure hands and feet are clear of the recliner.

👉Fully close and secure the reclining mechanism before moving the reclining furniture.

👉Avoid exposing upholstered furniture to burning cigarettes or cigars, open flames, and high heat.

👉Do not place furniture with wooden bases on wet rugs, as this may stain the rug.

👉Excessive rocking may cause the recliner to tip over, which may result in personal injury and/or property damage.

👉If the furniture contains electrical components, use extreme caution and refer to the accompanying safety instructions for additional instructions, warnings and practices that may void the warranty.

👉Allow sufficient clearance to achieve the fully reclined position before operation.

👉Do not exceed the recommended weight limit of 350 lbs.

How to Use Lift Chairs correctly

It seems not easy to use a recliner with so many attentions, but don’t forget, all the incidents happened with a small hint. No matter what items we are used in life, there are places that need attention, and these are for our safety.

If you have more ideas or suggestions, welcome to leave a message in the comment area and communicate with others.

Lift recliner chair

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Elaine Lopez

Elaine Lopez

I am a woman, and it seems as chair was designed for a man. It is extremely hard for me to use the control when it’s under this huge arm rest. It would be nice if all the controls were on the remote. I would not have purchased this chair had I known I would have to reach over that huge arm rest.

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