Reasons for the Elderly to Choose Lift Recliner Chair

As the body ages, old people still have to sit in a chair most of the time to rest. It is important to choose a chair suitable for old people. The lift recliner chair is based on the physiological, psychological, consumption characteristics of the elderly designed for the old people. After using the lift recliner, the old people’s neck is not stiff and less painful, so its perfect ergonomic design is popular among the elderly.

  1. The height of the chair

The height of the elderly chair is appropriate, and the height should be 1 cm lower than the height from heel to knee. In this way, when the elderly sit, the feet are just flat on the ground, the knee joint is just maintained at about 90 degrees, and the ankle joint can keep in the natural drooping resting state. Asjmreye’s lift recliner chair is a good example. Its backrest and footrest can be adjustable individually. You can get any position you want easily, like pushing the entire chair up to help seniors to stand up easily. It’s ideal for people who have leg/back problems or people who are after surgery. Asjmreye’s infinite position lift recliner chair can extend the footrest and recline so that allow you to fully stretch and relax, even sleeping.


  1. The material of the chair

Chairs for the elderly are moderately soft and hard. With the increase of age, the buttock muscles of the elderly gradually atrophy, the bursa on the ischial nodule also undergo degenerative change, and the buffering ability decreases. Too hard bench, will induce ischial tuberous bursitis, especially the elderly thin body more prone to such injuries. Too soft a chair will cause the old man's muscles to strain. When the body is stuck in the chair, the curvature of the spine is large, which increases the burden of the lumbar and back muscles.  Asjmreye’s high quality metal frame and padded high density sponge ensure long-term service. In addition, smooth and comfy leather cover will give you comfortable touching experience.  


    3.The quality of the chair                                                                                   

The elderly chair back design is reasonable so that the waist close to the back of the chair can get support, not to let the waist behind the empty. In this way, the recliner can also improve the bad sitting and lying posture, prevent the neck and waist from twisting and rotating, which leads to fatigue and pain, and use a low stool foot in order to lower limbs get slack. The armrest design of the chair for the elderly can not only protect the elderly from falling asleep, but also provide support when he stands up. In this case, the elderly can enjoy a good sitting experience.


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