16 Inch Cordless Handheld Mini Electric Chain Saw With Rechargeable 29800H 3800W 2 batteries


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⚡Automatic lubrication: The fuel injection system is highly lubricated, reduces resistance friction, greatly extends the life of the guide chain, and cuts smoothly

⚡Safety innovation: thicker baffle protection to ensure cutting safety and prevent flying objects and chains from hurting hands


⚡High power: 72000W high power, it only takes 15 seconds to cut a 50cm tree

⚡Anti-burning machine: high-power, low-loss, 72-hour load without burning

⚡Long battery life: Dual lithium batteries are powered at the same time, and it can saw a truck of wood at a time.

⚡Quick charge: German fast charge charger can be fully charged in 2 hours
⚡Lightweight: Lightweight design of the machine, not tired after long hours of work

⚡Don’t drop the chain: Upgrade the thickened adjuster design to adjust the chain forcefully without dropping the chain

⚡Dual grip: non-slip grip + auxiliary grip, stable and efficient cutting effortlessly



Material:ABS + Metal

Optional Color:Blue/Yellow

No-load Speed:22000(rpm)

Maximum Efficiency:3800W

Maximum Rotation Speed:720 M/MIN

Guide Plate Length:16 Inch

Maximum Cuttable Diameter:500 mm

Suitable For:For Makita 21V Battery (Need 2 Batteries)




Package Included

1 x Electric Chain Saw
1 x Guide Plate

1 x Chain

1 x Screwdriver

1 x Wrench

2 x Battery

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Charlie B.
Awesome Home owner Chain saw

My first use included 47 cuts of a tree that fell in the yard. (see pic). Tree cuts ranged from 5 to 12 inches. Chain stayed on (unlike some complaints. Be sure to read chain adjustment recommendations) Bar chain oil did not leak (unlike some complaints) . I liked the fact that the chain oil needed to be replaced exactly when the battery ran out of juice. My previous chain saw was an 18 inch 20 year old Craftsman that performed admirably over the years, but what a pleasure working with this rechargeable ASJMREYE 16inch saw. No messy mixing of gas and oil. Super easy starting (no pull start). No smell and super quiet compared to gas (no ear protection required). Highly recommend this chain saw for any home owner looking for a yard maintenance and clean up saw.

So far, very good

Decided to try a battery powered saw when the old gas one failed. Concern over other reviews that noted saws manufactured years ago did not apply.

Gave the battery a full charge. Cut off 20 or so limbs in the 1-4" range. Then went to an 8" yellow pine dock piling. Made 26 cuts and stopped when the charge was showing one light. The saw had more juice in it and could have continued cutting.

Based on area of cross cuts, those 26 slices off the piling are equivalent to 106 cuts through a 4x4. Saw never slowed down. Per the instructions, stopped after 10 or so cuts to adjust chain tension as it gets loose when heated up. Auto oiling worked fine.

No signs of the saw overheating. Battery did require a 30 minute cool down period before the charger would accept it. But that's to be expected given the continuous cutting approach. The saw can do what I need it to do. Not clearing a wood lot. But for an occasional dropping of a tree and storm clean up tasks, more than capable to get the job done.

No more gas and starting routines. I could get used to this.

Greg Granville
Quiet and smooth cutting

I really like the brushless motor and the smooth ramp-up. The chain is skinny compared to my gas saws, but it gets the job done much better than I expected. You can actually cut pretty large trees with it. Just make sure you keep the chain sharp!
I saw another reviewer complain that his saw leaked a lot of bar/chain oil. Mine doesn't do that. It does seem to provide plenty of oil to the chain, but when you stop cutting, the oil stops.

Mark Daniels
Electric vs. gas chainsaw.

I absolutely LOVE this saw! It quietly cuts through 16" semi-dry red oak like butter. I don't ever want to go back to a gas saw now. Always ready to cut with a touch of a button and a pull of the trigger. Love the easily adjustable chain without tools. Adjust it on the fly in seconds. No ear plugs needed. All you hear is the whir of the motor and chain and the sound of wood ripping. It's awesome! From other reviews I was worried that it wouldn't handle my large trunk red oaks that were felled by a tree service. The bar length is the only limiting factor and it's not really a limiting factor if you cutt in sections. Tree surgeons should be using this! Safer and easier to use up in the tree.

Dragon lover & WoF fan
Impressed so far

This is my first chain saw that is not gas powered and so far I'm quite impressed. That may be in part due to me not having high expectatons. Battery life is about what I expected but the amount of work I could get done in that time was not. The batteries seemed to take about two hour to charge though I did not actually time it but it did not seem to be that long for two 24V batteries. So far I'm quite happy with the chainsaw. If things change I will update my review

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