10 Inch Cordless Electric Chain Saw Handheld Top Handle Chainsaw Wood Tree Cutter W/ 1/2pcs 19800H 3000W Makita Battery

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āš” Sharp & Strong Chain: High-quality alloy chain, wear-resistant and durable, fast and smooth sawing without jamming. āš”Ā Makita-built Outer Rotor BL Brushless Motor direct-drive system provides high power efficiency

āš”Variable speed trigger and high chain speed for improved cutting performance

āš” Pure copper motorļ¼š Strong power, more output stable than the chain saw modified by the angle grinder. High load so that can not easy to burn.Ā 

āš”Portable Designļ¼š Soft rubber handle, anti-skid, and sweat-absorbing; Widen baffle design, to prevent wood chips from splashing during cutting; Heat dissipation hole design, efficient ventilation and heat dissipation.

āš”Wide Applicationļ¼š This electric chainsaw has a wide range of uses, can be used for Forest cutting, cutting wood, pruning branches, and so on. āš”Torque boost mode for cutting dense material

āš”Guide bar nut chain tensioning with captured nut

āš”Adjustable automatic chain lubrication with large oil reservoir


Name 10Ā Inches ElectricĀ ChainĀ Saw
BatteryĀ RatedĀ voltage 298VF
Power 3000W
Color Blue, Black
ChainĀ Material Ā HighĀ CarbonĀ Steel
GuideĀ size 10 inches
No-loadĀ RotatingĀ speed 10000r/min
Size 52x17cm/20.5x6.7in


1 x Electric Chain Saw
1/2 x Battery
1 x Charger
1 x Auxiliary handle
1 x Baffle
1 x Wrench
1 x User Manual

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Perfect for infrequent use

I use a chainsaw probably once a year for cutting of branches or overgrown shrubs. I wasted 2 brand new gas chainsaws over the last 5 years simply because the fuel lines get clogged with ethanol gas and eventually clog the carburetor as well. Each of those saws cost me over $150 and both ended up in trash. I was doubtful about the ability of this saw to be strong enough to cut an 8" branch but it went through it like butter. Also, because my property has electrical outlets all over the yard, it makes my life simple by having to use only short extensions. If your use for a chainsaw is very infrequently and that power source is available within 100 feet, that's a good choice. It will save you money and frustrations with clogged gas lines.

Good Saw

This ASJMREYE has a dial on the side to re tension plus an auto oiler, if you are a weekend warrior in the back yard with some trees or bushes that need pruning this is the one you need. It's lite weight, has enough power to cut through an inch and half branch both vertically and on a horizontal, the casing is flat enough to allow getting down to ground level to finish off cutting a stump. Their customer service is great. If you need a something less expensive than a big old gas powered 16 incher; buy this one.

large section of a tree fell on my fence

never needed a chainsaw, but then a windy day fell a roughly 1 foot diameter section of tree. Landed right between my neighbor's house and mine (thankfully) but it landed on my metal fence, bending it slightly and making it very difficult to move. Since I didn't have a chainsaw, I was out there with a saws all and circular saw for 2 hours and ended up with very large sections of branches and trunk that I could get off the fence and move to a pile. I took the opportunity of this fell tree section to go online and order a chainsaw.

Everything I need in a chainsaw

I've had and used small gas chainsaw for 25 years. It worked, but it was loud and when you only use it every 6 mos or so, you come to expect it to give you trouble. Bad gas, cracked rubber lines, mixing and fighting to get it to start when you want it to. I made the switch to this guy to deal with a large tree and couldn't be happier. I still use ear protection, but its much quieter still than gas. Performed great for the whole job. I skipped the chain maybe 4 times during the process. My skills certainly were to blame all 4 times. you don't need any tools to put the chain back on and tension it. That's a big plus. Seems sturdy and the key moving bits held up very well. The tensioner dial is a great design, would prefer it more rugged, but so far no issues. For the price you can't beat it. Just give it respect like a gas saw, safety wise. There is a tendency to think it less dangerous because it plugs in and is quiet. It has all the torque and danger of a gas saw. I did nick my powercord once, so be careful there too. It could use some better system to keep the cord plugged in. all electric yard tools could really. Buy with confidence, this saw is awesome.

Paid for itself in 15 minutes!

I am a grandma and had never used a chainsaw before. We have a wooded backyard and needed to cut a lot of trees. This one is easy for me to use and has literally saved us thousands of dollars in tree service!

I read a lot of reviews before choosing this one primarily because it was the best value and is 16'.I was a little timid before using it and read all the instructions carefully. I am REALLY happy with this lightweight workhorse'should have bought it a LONG time ago! I have used it to cut down numerous trees so far probably as large as 8' around and 12 around at the ground. This chain saw is easy to assemble, easy to use, and the instructions are clear. I have to periodically turn the dial to tighten the chain, sometimes even mid-project. That is easy to do. It's just a dial. I usually have to add oil every other time I use it. That's easy you just pour it directly from the bottle. I was able to find the chain saw oil at my local home improvement store. I do like that it self lubricates the chain.

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