8 Inch Cordless Handheld Mini Electric Chain Saw With Rechargeable 19800H 1200W 2 batteries 2*Chains

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color: Two Batteries+3* Chains+Case(Blue1)
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8-inch handheld chainsaw and corresponding accessory set



⚡Wireless binding: easy outdoor cutting
⚡Electric pruning saw: add upper baffle, increase the safety factor
⚡ Strong magnet motor: powerful power, long service life
⚡ Handle design: comfortable grip, in line with the human body design
⚡ Lithium battery power: say goodbye to the trouble of finding a power supply
⚡Intelligent protection functions: over-current protection, over-voltage protection
⚡Easy to use: no need to disassemble, turn the screw to adjust the chain tightness
⚡High-quality guide chain: sharp wear-resistant, deep quenching more wear-resistant, cutting smooth
⚡ Step-less speed change switch: humanized switch design, adjust cutting speed according to pressure
⚡Efficient heat dissipation: the design of multiple exhaust outlets on the fuselage can effectively prevent burning
⚡Lightweight fuselage: light and portable, one-handed operation, comfortable to hold, not tired to hold for a long time
⚡Safety protection baffle: comprehensive protection, rest assured cutting to prevent spark sawdust and other spatter


Parameter of 8-inch handheld chainsaw

Pure copper motor of Hand-held 8-inch chainsaw


Plug(Option): US Plug
Style(Option): 8-inch
Voltage: 48V
Chain Speed: 12m/s
Chain: Quick adjustment
Type of Guide Plate: Chain wheel type
Number of Battery: 2
Fast Charging: 3-4 hour
Power Supply Suitable Mode: 24-48V Battery
Package Weight: About 3.5kg
Full Chain Length: About 71cm / 27.6"
8-inch Type Guide Plate Length: About 20cm / 7.1"
Product Size(L * H): About 9cm * 27cm / 3.5" * 9"


A 19800H large capacity battery 8-inch handheld chainsaw


Package Includes

1 * Host
2 * Battery
3 * Chains
1 * Guide Plate
1 * Baffle
1 * English User Manual
1 Set Installation Tools
1 * Plug Charger
1 * Package box

Gold alloy chain for 8" handheld chainsaw

multiple advantages in one

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This electric chainsaw performed exactly as advertised and was simple ...

This electric chainsaw performed exactly as advertised and was simple to put together. I cut through at the base of the tree which was10 to 12 inches. Then cut the entire tree into pieces for removal in less than an hour. Let the saw do the work and you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Great little saw that will handle large jobs

I bought this electric saw because we have a LOT of trees in our yard and I'm always needing to clean up and trim branches. I've used gas saws for 40+ years and I wanted something light and quick. This works great. Not one problem! It was a dream to use compared to my gas saw. I did use the gas saw to cut up the bottom half of the tree so I could haul it away with my loader. I'm very pleased with what this saw can do.

Easy to use, cuts with ease. Just buy it!

More bang for your buck than you'd expect. Just make sure you don't put the chain on backwards or it will not cut!!! I needed to clear some trees from around my house and it cuts with ease if you don't force it. I didn't experience and kickback at all and cut up to 12�� diameter trees with ease. It does use a lot of oil but that's good because it will make the chain last longer. I've cut down a total of 27 trees and it still runs strong.If you have a few trees to cut down this will save you hundreds of dollars rather than have someone else do it for you. I cut my trees down and have lots of firewood for next fall.
Just buy it! You will not be disappointed.

Surprisingly Great

I had a birch tree tree stump about 8" thick. I was going to rent an electric chainsaw but it was $45 for 3 or 4 hours. I figured I'd buy this and if it didn't work I could return it. Well it worked! It worked surprisingly well and not only cut down the stump but cut up all the other pieces of the tree as well, now all neatly stacked on the side of the house. Putting it together was a puzzle at first but read the directions and you'll have it assembled in about 3 minutes or less. For the homeowner who needs a tool now and then it's a good buy and works as advertised.

Excellent chainsaw, light weight, easy and safe to operate.

Light weight and extremely easy to operate. Incorporates safety features such as low kickback and handle construction. I would recommend it to anyone and especially to those who may not have the strength or expertise to operate a larger chainsaw. I was able to cut large limbs and small trees with ease. Cuts clean and sawed through as if slicing through butter; so, I have no doubt that it could not handle larger trees. The fact that it is priced so reasonably makes it a wonderful investment.

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