Super 8 Inch Cordless Chainsaw 1200W 48V Lithium Battery Charger Portable Rechargeable 2 Batteries 3 *Chains 13000Mha Mini Woodworking Saw

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ASJMREYE Tool 8-inch mini chainsaw can be used for basically any project that comes up in the life of a typical home, it is suitable for wood cutting, trees branches pruning, stubborn bushes cleaning, gardening, and more. They are more portable than a wired chainsaw, faster than reciprocating saws, and lighter than gasoline saws.


☑ Pure copper motor: the pure copper motor is more durable and eco-friendly. It can increase 40% of the power rate and decrease 25% of the power dissipation. Make your cutting faster.
☑ Super high-performance battery:: using pure German-made power battery chip, a single battery’s duration can be up to 240 minutes.
☑ Burst steel chain: fire-steeled bar manufactured into a chain. The chain’s durable cutting wear resistance can be up to 90%. And the chain can be automatically oiled which helps to keep the best state of high-speed cutting.
☑ Safety switch: This cordless chainsaw is added with a safety lock and safety stopper to ensure safety. And the motor adopts overheating and high-temperature protection mechanism. Heat dissipation is accelerated.
☑ Working condition: cut tree branches normally. The most advanced speed is up to 18500 PRM. It weighs only 3.9 lbs. Perfect for single-handed.

asjmreye mini chainsaw

✅ [ FAST & HIGHLY EFFICIENT CUTTING ]: With a deeply quenched guide chain design and a pure copper motor, you can just apply light pressure to control the cutting position. The pure copper motor and 2×4.0AH high-power battery make it only takes about 8 seconds to cut a log with a diameter of about 8.91 inches (the specific value varies with the actual size and hardness of the wood.) Get this battery-powered chainsaw, get more efficiency out of your yard work.asjrmeye mini chainsaw
✅ [ HIGH-EFFICIENCY BRUSHLESS MOTOR ]: This small chainsaw adopts high-efficiency brushless motors, the operation becomes more stable and stable. The brushless motor creates a lot of power while also preserving battery life. Many professionals and DIYers are moving in the direction of brushless motors, enjoying a longer running time of 53.5% and a more efficient experienceMini Electric Chainsaw Cordless Handheld Chain Saw W/ 2 Battery & Charger
✅ [ Burst steel chain ]: Made from deep burnt steel bars. And the chain is hardened for durable cutting and wear resistance up to 90%. Comes with its own oil tank which will automatically oil the chain. Keeps cutting at high speed in the best possible condition.Mini Electric Chainsaw Cordless Handheld Chain Saw W/ 2 Battery & Charger
✅ [ Super high-performance battery ]: Pure German-made power battery chips with, superb battery life of up to 240 minutes per single power cell. Each chainsaw is equipped with 2 rechargeable batteries. The cutting time is even longer.

✅ [ UPGRADE SAFETY CHAINSAW ]: This small chainsaw has added a safety lock switch, splash guard, and auto-oiler. ① To prevent accidental starting, the safety lock and trigger must be pressed simultaneously to start the saw. ② Anti-splash baffle prevents wood chips from splashing during work. ③ The auto lubrication system delivers a steady oil supply for a smooth and effective cut every time.

asjmreye mini chainsaw

✅ [ ONE HAND USE CHAINSAW ]: Asjmreye portable chainsaw weighs only 4.12 lbs and is around 19-inch in length. It is elaborately designed to prevent someone from being too heavy to operate the saw and to avoid kickback caused by the chainsaw being too light. Reasonable lightweight is one of the considerations in safety design. Women can operate and control effectively, and will not feel tired after working for a long time.
8 inch mini chainsaw
✅ [ LOW NOISE & EASY MAINTAIN ]: If you'd like to maintain a pleasant relationship with neighbors, you may want to consider how much noise a chainsaw can create. Asjmreye tool Pruning Chain Saw producing noise of less than 75dB only in the operator's ear. You could get rid of branches without worried waking your neighbors. In addition, they are easier to store and less costly to maintain. A simple chain-sharpening and a bottle of bar lube will usually keep a saw in running condition for years.

✅ [ Ergonomic design ]: soft rubber handle, non-slip and sweat-absorbing. Chainsaw safety off body protection (push button switch). Hand-held design for comfortable hand grip and easy control. Long-term use without fatigue.

8 inch mini chainsaw


Mini Electric Chainsaw Cordless Handheld Chain Saw W/ 2 Battery & Charger

Parameter information:

Power Source: Battery
Certification: CE/FDA
Saw Type: Chain saw, Battery Saw
Weight: 2kg
Rated Voltage: 48V/188F(Pure copper motor)
Wattage: 1000-1299W
Usage: Home DIY
Application: Wood Saw
Dimensions: 40x32x10cm
Rated Input Power: 1200W(Pure copper motor)
Max. Cutting Width: 8 Inch
Model Number: Electric Chain Saw

Package  Included:

3 x Electric Chains
2 x Batteries
1 x Charger
1 x Screwdriver
1 x Wrench
1 x User Manual
1 x Paper Box


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Nice addition to my tools

Great piece of equipment, is exactly what I expected. The battery last a good hour, and I liked the fact that there are no cords or gas to mix.

Love this thing

Love this thing, great for when I don't feel like getting out the big saw and smelling like two stroke. Buy an extra battery to extend the playtime.

Five Stars

Very light but tough and easy!!

Easy to operate and maintain...

This chainsaw is perfect for me - a petite but fit female. In using traditional chainsaws my biggest concerns were properly adjusting the chain tension and keeping it well oiled. This chainsaw takes care of both of those things automatically. It makes it easier for me to operate and safer for those who are not as comfortable operating power tools. This is a smaller scaled chainsaw, which is perfect for clearing smaller brush and tree limbs on my property. It does not take the place of full size, more powerful chainsaws but those are more than I and many others need anyway. For anyone who could use a chainsaw but does not want to deal with heavy, gas powered units or have to worry about adjusting chain tension or keeping the tool properly oiled, this is something to try.

Lightweight, safe and simple to set up and use, great for light-duty work of all types

For someone like myself that only has occasional trees and thick shrubs to take down or a lot of fallen wood on their property, this chainsaw is perfect. Even though I've wanted one for years, the complexities of owning a gas-engine chainsaw always kept me from seriously considering owning one--there is just no way that I want one more gas engine to care for and winterize, etc. In fact, it's my hope to eliminate all of the gas yard tools in my life and go 100-percent cordless.This saw is incredibly lightweight and I was genuinely surprised when I opened the outer shipping box and saw what was inside. It's also quick to set up and easy to use. It has a lot of nice safety features, too, including a a big strong front bar to protect you from the saw. There is a two-part safety switch so it takes two fingers to consciously turn the saw on which is great. And the chain-tension control is big and easy to use and requires no additional tools. Also nice, the only real prep you have to do with this saw is to add lubricant and it has both a translucent filler gauge/window and it has an auto-lubrication mode.We tested the saw out on a number of dropped pine logs that came down this autumn, in the 8-inch range and the saw just melted right through them (and a lot more quietly than my nieghbor's gas saw). I will say though that we also took down a dead Japanese maple (about 6-inches thick that has pretty hard wood and it went through it quickly and with minimal position changes. It's also nice that the battery works across with multiple tools so you can switch batteries from one device to another. Yeah, if you have bigger jobs or want to cut up larger limbs you're probably still going to need someone with a more powerful gas saw, but this saw will make quick work of lots of small jobs and again, it's amazingly lightweight.When I think about all of the work I would have had to do with a handsaw to get rid of some of the stuff we did, this is more than worth its price. I think though that if you don't have a battery around already, I'd consider adding an extra so you can keep on working if you get inspired.

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