Electric Welder 8ft 100A Complete Replacement Mig Welding Gun Parts Torch Stinger

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Style: Fit for Chicago welder
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This gun is 8 ft long (Longer than the OEM Gun),and has 2 trigger wires, gas hose, wire liner, and power cable all running up the inside of the hollow plastic hose. Generally speaking, these guns connect to a plastic wire feeder.

Feeds from customers show that this torch may fit the following models: Model 94164, 97503, dual MIG 131 Model 36691, Chicago Electric 151 220V 06271 welder, Chicago Electric 151t welder, Chicago Electric 170 (black unit) 220v 68885 welder (you will need to solder or crimp the trigger wires on this unit), Chicago Electric Black 180 Amp 68886 with modifications needed to the trigger wires (crimp or solder), Chicago Electric 131 Model 06098, Chicago Electric dual MIG 132T (some rewiring may be necessary for the trigger wires), Chicago Electric Power MIG 171-1 Item number 36693, Chicago Electric MIG 170 Item number 68885, Chicago Electric MIG 180 (with modification), Chicago Electric MIG 151t 220v welder (with minor adjustments), Chicago Electric MIG Item Number 62181.

Usually fits welders of around 100A gas shielded welders. (Welding wire diameter: 0.6-0.8mm.)


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1x Welding Gun

1x  .030 and .035 tips

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Up dated my old Mig welder!

Although not made for my specific welder I am VERY happy with this torch. It is two feet longer than my old torch and I can change from flux wire to gas wire by reversing the polarity. The gas and wire feed switch work well. (I am not a professional welder) The torch was delivered within a week. Yes, I would recommend to a friend.

Great welding torch

This was exactly what I needed when my wire feed switch went bad the original didn't have a replaceable switch...so I took a chance on this one and I wasn't disappointed. Quick delivery and easy installation. I love the couple of extra feet of reach this lead has my previous one felt short at times.

Just like new again.

I got this to replace the stock one on my welder that got left out during a hurricane. The welder was fine, but the feed tube rusted up inside.
Installation was fairly simple but a bit fussy fishing the wires through the inside of the welder. This is NOT a problem with the gun, it is entirely due to the welder design. Just be patient and take a moment to use an air hose on the dust inside the welder before you begin installation. The plug didn't match the one on the welder, but this is just a low voltage trigger switch connection. I just cut off the ends and crimped the wires together. Polarity doesn't matter because this is really a single wire loop going to the trigger switch.

Great Replacement.

It went on quickly and easily. I had to replace 2 wire ends to match my connectors and cut the metal wire liner. Cut the wire liner with a cutoff wheel on a grinder and sand it smooth. Then use a small drill bit to clean off any inside burrs. Very nice replacemen

Good stinger could be better

If you comprehend electricity and what you're looking for to retrofit your welder to this stinger it's a good price only downfall is the gas brass switch developed a leak if you can braze copper or brass I'm pretty sure you can fix this like I do you shouldn't have to but I was in a time crunch and I needed to use it now. But once I fix the leak at work remarkably

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