Mini Chainsaw is Making Life Easier

When it comes to pruning branches, tools like scissors always come into our mind at once. However, a handheld mini chainsaw can absolutely do the job better. While when it comes to handheld mini chainsaws, the brand ASJMREYE has the floor. Most of us may have never heard of it, cause this brand is just expanding its market in the United States. But its company has been in business for like 10 years.

ASJMREYE cordless mini chainsaw

ASJMREYE is a brand that specializes in electric tools. Among those tools, mini chainsaw, as their top-sale product, really catches people’s eyes. There are five sizes of it, 4 inch bar, 6 inch bar, 8 inch bar, 10 inch bar and 16 inch bar. You can choose any size according to your work, but I mostly recommend this 6 inch. It is neither too big nor too small, easy to handle and use. Especially women and the old can also operate it without any difficulty. 

People might wonder and ask, what should I do with it? This 6 inch chainsaw totally looks like a toy! Well, never judge a book by its cover. Because this mini chainsaw can cut a 100mm diameter wood in 5 seconds! If you don’t give it a try, you will never know how much power there is in this little thing. I am gonna say it really rocks! Why? Trimming, pruning, carving, small cutting, DIY...... With this mini chainsaw, every small pieces of work can be done so easily.

ASJMREYE cordless mini chainsaw

So, what is the price of it and what will you get? Well, it costs not too much and the company does big sales frequently. And they will cover the shipping and tax for you. Except for the tool, it also comes with a carrying case, an extra battery and extra chains. Also, no need to buy a separate charger or a wrench cause they are also included! With this one-time purchase, you can get everything you need. As for the battery, the battery itself is enough for your work, but if you are not sure of your working time, there is a backup battery which doubles your operating time! When it is not in use, just unload the battery and put the tool back in the case, how easy it is to carry and store! 

ASJMREYE cordless mini chainsaw

Except for the above, I am also gonna talk about the tool itself. There is a safety lock button on the handle in case you start the tool by mistake. Every time you wanna start and use it, you need to pull the safety button and the trigger together to unlock it so that you can get to use it safely. And also, there is a baffle on the top of it which can prevent you from being hurt when operating. The tool is very lightweight but powerful. It can do a great job with simple pruning or cutting.

Surely you will find out how useful it is in your garden or yard. To know more about it or to purchase one, click the link at the bottom of the passage.

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