Upholstered furniture with moving parts should be handled with care to avoid injury and/or property damage.

1.For safe use of upholstered recliners:

*The lift chair should only be operated by the occupant of the seat.
*Turn off the recliningfting mechanism completely before you get up or sit down.
*Do not sit on the footstool (footrest) when reclined.
*Do not sit on the armrests of the lift recliner.
*Use caution when operating the lift/reclining function when children and pets are present.
*Do not allow children to play or operate the lift recliner.
*Before operating the recliner, make sure to keep hands and feet away from the mechanism of the recliner.
*Turn the mechanism off and secure the lift chair before moving it.
*Avoid exposing lift chairs to burning cigarettes or cigars, open flames and high temperatures.
*Do not place furniture with a wooden base on wet carpet as it may stain the carpet.
*Excessive shaking may cause the recliner to tip over, which may result in personal injury and/or property damage.
*If the furniture contains electrical components, use extreme caution and refer to the accompanying safety instructions for additional instructions, warnings and practices that may void the warranty.
*Allow sufficient clearance to achieve full reclining position before operation.
*Do not exceed the recommended weight limit of 350 lbs.

2.Upholstered Fabrics

Fabric and leather are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of sale. This warranty covers seam failures, fabric separation and pile shedding. This warranty does not apply to pilling, fading, shrinkage, dye lot variations, torn, scuffed, frayed, stretched, worn or crushed fleece. The warranty is also excluded are damage and defects caused by abuse, neglect, exposure to extreme temperatures or pet damage. Natural markings such as scars, brands, grain variations, wrinkles, etc. will be considered normal characteristics and will not be considered defects. No two leathers are exactly alike and therefore color variations may occur. The fabric/leather warranty will not apply if there is evidence of excessive soiling, improper cleaning, abuse or use of chemicals. ASJMREYE may require you to provide proof of damage.

*The content of the above terms and conditions are intended only as a supplemental reminder of the use of the product.

*For more warranty details on the product, please refer to the warranty policy provided by ASJMREYE. The warranty policy service guidelines will prevail.

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