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More than expected

I bought this chair because I’ll be having rotator cuff surgery and needed a chair to sleep on. I also have arthritis , so the lift feature is perfect. The chair moves slowly and quietly. The chair itself is “pillowy” and cozy. I didn’t expect it to be quite so soft and comfortable . The real leather is beautiful and it looks easy to clean . The message and heat was a bonus. I also love that I can recharge my phone and iPad .. a feature I’m sure to appreciate during my surgical recovery. … and also when I get my knee surgery later this coming year. The chair also goes perfectly with my decor and doesn’t look like a clunky old person’s chair . The two twenty year olds who set it up for me loved it and wanted one:)!

A new chair

The other benefits the chair offers are also valuable, particularly the massage function. She broke her back in her final fall on the golf course, and is plagued by stiff and sore back muscles. By using the massage function, she is able to relieve the stiff soreness, and function with more confidence. She likes the USB ports, and can run her phone and ipad from the chair with no difficulty. Now she has less trouble getting into and out of her chair than she does our new bed, which is just high enough to require a step stool for her to enter. She now spends more chair time than time in bed, which is way better than her situation before I got this chair!

Lifts heats and massages!

I purchased this power lift chair for when my grandma comes to visit , so she has a safe place she can sit and still get out of the seat. She has a hard time with mobility but i still wanted her to be able to come enjoy the holidays with us comfortably. However i will enjoy the chair when she is not here as it feels amazing with its heat and massage .
It's a easy press button that is on the side of the chair in an easy to reach spot in the right side of the chair. One button reclines the chair , while the other lifts the chair. In between these two buttons is also two usb ports so we can charge our phones or other electronics.It has two side pockets for storage for remotes or books and it even has two cup holders to hold beverages. The material is very plush , soft and comfortable to sit in.


I’ve had this chair since November, and it is the best decision I’ve made lately. I’ve had bad knees for several years and due to circumstances I have not been able to have replacement yet. Sleeping was a huge problem due to pain and trying to find a comfortable position for my knees. I’ve had multiple vein surgeries and in December I had one and went to sleep that night in my recliner. Best sleep I had had in a while, due to laying flat of my back in my recliner. I have slept in my recliner since then! I have had very few nights where I had trouble sleeping because of my knees…like three times. I love that this chair re lines almost flat! Highly recommend!

Love my chair. Great quality.

I love the features of this chair that enable me to stand up (and reach my cane without pain) since I have no cartilage in my knee. The price was affordable and the quality good. My backache has disappeared in just a few days of sitting in this chair.

It came in just three days and my husband loved the clear “easy to follow” instructions in English that he didn’t need a magnifying glass to read.

It has two pocket for my every need - my phone, water thermos, recharge plug-in for my phone etc. It is wonderful and my bones agree with me.

Excellent customer service

My wife and I are both 91 years old and bought two of these chairs. It was becoming difficult to get out of our old chairs. The chairs came in two boxes, and were quite easy to assemble. They are very comfortable and easy to operate. A couple of months after we started to use the chairs the remote cable that controls the heat and vibration got caught in the lifting mechanism and was severed. I contacted the sellers customer service to find out how to get a replacement. They promptly sent me a new remote after I sent them a photo of the severed cable, no questions asked. This kind of service was new to me

Great 👍🏻

Bought this for mom after bypass surgery to aid in not using arms to push off/up when standing. She states it’s the most comfortable she’s been since surgery (1 week prior). Easy to use. Helps tremendously when standing or sitting. Absolutely a great purchase.

Perfect solution

My wife broke her right humerus (upper arm bone) right at the shoulder. Any one who has had shoulder surgery or a broken humerus knows the patient has to live in a recliner for a couple of months. Our recliner had the actuating lever on the right side of the chair as most are. So it was useless to her as she could not work the lever. Knowing that I would be at work and would not be able to help her in and out of the chair I decided on a lift chair. This lift chair is awesome. Super easy to assemble and works flawlessly. My wife was estatic that she could get herself in and out of the chair, one handed, with the simple push of a button. I would highly recommend this chair for anyone who is looking for a well built lift chair. the heat and vibration mode are a definite plus. It says you can't use the heat without the vibration. But if you turn off all of the vibration zones, the heat will stay on without the vibration. Another well discovered plus. Overall this chair is awesome. If you are on the fence about which one to buy, then look no further!

No Regrets

I purchased this chair for my mother who had a stroke. This is the first time she's ever needed a lift chair. After careful reviews and comparisons of many different chairs, I settled on this which I do not regret. The shipping was expectable considering the pandemic and living pretty much in a city. It was easy to put together if you can follow instructions and kinda figure things out on your own (handyman) type thing. The chair goes down and up very easily and slow which is good so there is no whip lash and no falling out of the chair on the lift. The chair does go pretty high, so be careful to not go too high if you don't need to. We love the cup holders, the side compartments to hold things, and the USB ports on the side. She uses the USB to charge her phone which works great.

The chair is very comfortable. The remotes are pretty much self explanatory - even if not in other opinions, once you use it a few times, it becomes natural to know which button does what. The massage, my mom and dad both love. Me on the other hand, not so much. So considering they both use the massage, it is more of a personal preference and how you feel about it. Yes, it is true, you can't use the heat without the massage on. But that doesn't bother my mom as she is usually always cold due to her condition.

For the price, it is so worth it in my opinion only because my mother does love it and enjoys it. She even sleeps in it some nights.

Great and easily assembled by one person!!

When I began to have some major health problems along with swelling in my legs & feet, I began saving money because I wanted to buy myself a nice Queen size adjustable bed rather than use the puny hospital bed insurance provided. However shortly before I was able to buy the nice thick mattress & adjustable frame I was saving for (one with lights underneath, side USB ports & a massager) I was robbed of the money I had saved. Since I knew it would take a while to save that much again & I was having constant pain in my feet I decided to get this ASJMREYE Base & Mattress combination to use temporarily in order to elevate my feet while I saved again.
I admit - I was broken-hearted & cried while ordering this bed (without all the bells & whistles I wanted it to have) so when it came quicker than expected & was so easy to set up it made me quite happy BUT when the sheets & blankets were put on it & I got in I CRIed AGAIN! … but I cried this time because it was SO comfortable & almost $1000 cheaper!
Admittedly- I added a thick mattress cover for extra padding & now I need a topper or something for even more padding because a 8” mattress is mighty thin but everyone has been amazed at just how comfortable it was to be so thin!

Fair price and does the job

Got this for my grandma. She is not able to lay flat so she was sleeping in an adjustable chair. Got this bed/matress and she's been able to sleep in a bed finally. She says the mattress isn't her favorite as she likes them more firm but all in all a good choice, especially for the price. Super easy set-up, grandma was able to learn the bed controls rather quickly as well.

Definitely helped with back pain

It was easy to assemble. I was unable to lay flat or get out of bed without excrutiating pain due to blown discs. This frame was a game changer. I can finally sleep without pain and get up reality easy.

Great value for adjustable bed.

My husband has struggled with neck and back pain and headaches for years. We’ve tried several different mattresses before landing on this adjustable base which we paired with a hybrid mattress. We’ve had them for a week and his back/neck pain is gone as are his headaches. We used to wake up early because laying in bed made the pain worse, now we have trouble waking up in time because this is so comfortable.

Buy This!

I just received this today and I absolutely love it! I am purchasing this for my Dad and I want to keep it for myself. It is so comfortable and I was able to assemble it all by myself. It arrived in two boxes and I had it set up in less than 15 min. The directions were easy to understand. The lift feature goes so high I am practically standing by the time it gets to the top. The recline feature reclines easily so I can relax or take a nap. It is very comfortable and the material is nice so I think I will order a slip pad so I don‘t wear down the leather material.

Set up in less than 10 mins!

My 75 year old mother and I put this together ourselves. Incredibly easy! The hardest thing was getting the boxes inside from the delivery and getting the base out of the box. Otherwise this is hands down the EASIEST set up I've ever seen. My dad is 5'9 and weighs about 280lbs. He fits very comfortably. IMPORTANT: The power source and remote are in a box attached to the bottom of the base. You need to remove it before assembling the unit for the easiest access.

Chairs that can be used in the event of a power outage

Recently the power went out at home intermittently, we followed the advice of customer service and used mobile power to power the chair, and it did! No longer have to worry about power outages when you can not enjoy the comfort of the chair.

Has definitely helped me out after having surgery.

This chair has definitely helped me when I really needed it. I am on the heavier side and it’s kinda hard to get me up, but this chair has made it so easy. Especially since I just had knee surgery. Now I can get up on my own and it sure feels good.

So much better than dealing by hand

My friends and I are beginner mah jong players and instantly fell in love with the game. I am impressed that it can automatically shuffle every round. We bought this table because it was the best value for the price and it truly exceeds any and all expectations. The convenience alone of just pushing the features into the center of the table and pressing one button to instantly have a brand new shuffled hand ready to play another round makes it worth it. The added bonuses of the table include cup holders and drawers as well as a few slots to hold small items at every station. The set up itself wasn't hard or labor intensive, I completed it in about 20 mins with the help of a friend. You will need a friend to help carry the items as they came in 3 boxes. Overall, this was a great purchase and I would definitely buy again.

The Massage Chair works as advertised! I am very please with it!

I use the massage chair at least 4-5 times a week and my wife does the same. If you were to compare the cost with a massage I would be into it about $300 a week for massages. First of all the chair is extremely comfortable just to sit in and when you turn on the massage and heat it takes you to the next level. I am very pleased with the foot massager and the zero gravity ability. The back massager goes all the way down to your hamstrings. I am 6 feet tall so that's pretty good. You can adjust the width and concentrate on specific areas or use the preprogramed buttons. The interactive audio also works quite well. I am very satisfied with my purchase. It was simple to put together, you only had to attach the foot massager to the chair.


Very attractive chair.

The company was very communicative about the delivery and messaged me a lot and even called to talk about assembly. They were great!

For half the price of the more expensive chairs, this was one purchase I do not regret at all!

Highly Recommended

I was hesitant to buy this automatic mahjong table because of the price but I convinced myself to buy it as a holiday gift for my family since they love playing mahjong but despise tile shuffling. I got the one with 44mm tiles, and they are huge compare to my old set. We do have some elderly, so the bigger tiles are easier to see and handle, and they love it. This machine is well made and looks fancy, but most importantly, saves time and troubles, hence more time to play and have fun. It's a great thing to bring family together even of different generations. It took my husband more than one hour to have it set up by himself.Overall, I'm very satisfied, and look forward to play whenever we have time.

Great chair and great price. Easy to assemble.

This was super easy to put together. No tools needed. I’m terrible at putting things together and I got it assembled in less than 30 minutes. Came in two boxes. I easily moved the two boxes into the house. Enough padding where you don’t feel the lift mechanism bars. USB ports on the side worked well. The motor is quiet and smooth motion from reclining to lifted into a standing position. I got this for my father who is 77 and has bone cancer. He had a huge smile on his face when it lifted him up and made it easy for him to stand. I will update if there are any problems, but so far this is a great chair for the price. I got the brown and the color is beautiful. No funny chemical smell either. If you are thinking about getting it for an elderly person, it would be great. My dad is 5’8” and 220 lbs. perfect fit for him.

Really great chair

We are thrilled with this chair. My husband had knee and spine surgery and this chair is perfect for his needs. It came in one day and I was able to put it together myself with no tools. It slides together with a couple of bolts and nuts for two support feet. So easy I couldn't believe it. So far so good. The motor works perfectly and is very quiet. It is comfortable and good looking. We are very happy with this purchase and would definitely recommend this chair to someone with mobility issues.

Power Lift Recliner Chair

Great chair for the price, nice leather (we have cats so the no cut feature is perfect for us.) Chair is not too heavy or bulky. My husband just had heart surgery, so the heat and help to stand feature is very useful. It also massages.
I am very pleased with the chair, it does what it says it will. Easy to assemble, and connect to power.

No Regrets

I ordered this for my elderly, non mobile, family member and he continuously raves about how comfortable it is and stated the other day "I spend most of my day in it" It helps him get into his wheelchair and was easily put together in less than an hour. It holds his large frame comfortably (he is 6'3 / over 200 lbs) He likes the massage and there is enough room for him to put his remote and water bottle with him in the chair while he sleeps or watches tv. I would highly recommend this and would say it is a nice addition that fits in a normal sized living room without too much bulk.