The Principles and Precautions of Lithium Chainsaw

In our life, the chainsaw is a very common power tool, especially living in the countryside of friends, who can use the chainsaw logging and cutting wood, compared with the hand chainsaw, greatly improving the work efficiency, saving time and labor, which is convenient! Let's take a look at how a lithium saw works. What are the precautions when using?



Firstly, the action principles of lithium chainsaw: 

  • lithium battery inputselectric energy and drives brushless motor to start. The trigger controls the size of the input current to realize the control of speed;
  • brushless motor operationand rotor high-speed rotation outputs high speed and torque in order to drive sprocket rotation;
  • sprocket high-speed rotationdrives chainsaw along the guide rail high-speed movement. The precision and wear resistance of the guide rail determine the motion stability of the chainsaw.
  • relying on the high-speed movement of the chainsaw to saw. The sharpness of the cutter teeth and the tension of the chainsaw will affect the efficiency of sawing.



Secondly, the precautions of lithium chainsaw: 

  • Lithium electric chainsaw adopts double battery series sharing structure, and both batteries must be fully charged when used.
  • Install the chain. The arrow direction on the chain is the same as the arrow direction on the machine.
  • The chain tightness is adjusted by direction rotation, until just pulling the saw blade so far;
  • After adjustment, the nut must be locked.
  • New assembly chainwill become loose after operation, so it must repeat obvious step 2 and 3. 
  • If continuous used, it needs to add lubricating oil. If moving in a short time, no refueling!


Nowadays, lithium electric chainsaw is becoming more and more popular. Compared with the use of traditional electric chainsaw that is limited by the environment and the cumbersome operation, lithium electric chainsaw makes your logging life more simple. ASJMREYE Mini Chainsaw turned a traditional bulky chainsaw and a corded electric chainsaw into a small, lightweight, easy-to-operate, safe, and efficient home mini chainsaw. It's perfect for those who are tired of heavy power tools or tired of bending over long hours to work. Lithium chainsaw is one of the company's main products, which is fast heat dissipation, wear resistance, comfortable to hold, and of high efficiency.

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Sandra McDonald

Sandra McDonald

How do I charge the battery? It seems to be a spot on the underside of the battery but the end of the charger cord doesn’t fit in the spot. I am a widow and I realize I am probably doing something wrong.

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