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We are not even exaggerating while saying that sitting in a recliner feels like sinking into the ultimate form of relaxation and is a beautiful piece of furniture one can have. These fantastic chairs have spoilt us. So when you get back home from a long day and lay on the recliner just to find it broken, it can be quite upsetting. And as you own one you must be knowing reclining chairs are one of the most overused products you own, well this is the case with most people who have a recliner.

Recliner chair repairs are often more complex than you’d first think. Each chair usually comes with mechanical and electronic components that can wear down over time (along with upholstery which can wear and tear). Fortunately, you may not need to purchase a new recliner just yet. Instead, you could restore your favourite chair to good as new in no time!

Asjmreye power recliner chair

Locating the Root Problem: Knowing where the problem lies can be a big help while finding a solution. And in most mechanisms the case is you understand how it works you can fix any problem that comes your way, with this article there is a benefit of being able to fix it. If you are worried that you need to be a DIY pro for this activity, let us relieve you from this worry, this is not right. Anyone can do the following things. Plus, the money it saves can be quite motivating. And for some people, the sustainability factor can push them to get their hands dirty.

The Recliner won’t Recline or Lock Properly

One of the most frequent complaints about recliner chairs is that the reclining mechanism doesn’t work as expected. Either the chair won’t recline at all or reclines too far back and won’t lock in place, causing the user to slide down or topple over. This can be due to various factors, such as worn-out parts, loose screws, or misaligned tracks.

To fix this issue, you can try the following steps:

  1. Check the manual or online guides to identify the parts that control the reclining mechanism (usually a lever, handle, or button).
  2. Inspect these parts for any damage, rust, or debris hindering their movement. Clean or lubricate them if necessary.
  3. Tighten any loose screws or bolts that connect the backrest, seat, or footrest to the frame.
  4. Ensure that the tracks or glides that guide the movement of these components are aligned and free of obstructions or dirt.

If the problem persists, consider replacing the faulty parts or seeking professional help with reasonable recliner repair costs.

Asjmreye power recliner chair

How To Fix A Recliner Chair Footrest?

A recliner footrest malfunctioning is a common issue but the good news is that you can fix it in no time. It can get damaged if it gets caught in a weird position, refuses to stay locked in place, or won’t stay up. If you can relate to any of these problems, then follow the given steps to fix the footrest of your recliner.
You will need a screwdriver, lubricating oil, bolts, and screws.

Step1. Flip your recliner chair over to locate the screws placed in the underside of the chair.
Step2. The second step is to locate the screws and then tighten them. You might want to replace them as well if the need arises. If you do want to replace them, then use screws that are longer than the old ones. Longer screws will penetrate the wood and hold the footrest better.
Step3. You should also try tightening the footrest bracket with the new screws. This will ensure that they are secured firmly. Once done, flip your recliner back to its normal position.

Now, if your problem is that the footrest is stuck and won’t move from a certain position, then use lubricating oil. Flip the recliner and loosen all the screws attached to the recliner frame. It is recommended to use a cover so that the cushion does not get soiled from the lubricant. Make sure that you apply generous amounts of the oil at all joints of the footrest. This should be enough to release the footrest.

If the footrest requires some adjustment, then, loosen the bar attached to the recliner’s seat front and the ratchet too. Try moving the footrest to check if it is responding or not. If it is still stuck, then the problem could lie with the recliner springs. In such a case, you need to replace your old recliner spring with a new one.

How to Repair a Recliner Chair


If the recliner is completely unresponsive, there might be a motor issue. Unplug the recliner and take off the rear cover before replacing the motor. After that, unplug the old motor’s cables and remove it from its mounting bracket. Reattach the wires after installing the new motor. Finally, reattach the back cover and re-plug the recliner.

Remote control

If the recliner is not moving when you press the remote button, there may be an issue with the remote. Find out what kind of remote your chair uses before replacing it. To sync a replacement remote with your chair, buy one and adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions.
With the correct equipment and instructions, replacing parts in an electric recliner repair can be an easy operation. However, it is always recommended to seek a professional for electric recliner repair if you are unsure about any step of the procedure or do not feel comfortable working with electrical components.


Recliner chairs can provide comfort and relaxation if taken care of correctly. Common problems associated with them can be fixed with ease. However, do not ignore minor issues that may result in a more significant problem in the future.
Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions when repairing your recliner chair. This guide lets you easily fix your recliner chair and enjoy your leisure time without discomfort. So, go ahead, and apply the guide to repair your recliner chair today.

Asjmreye power recliner chair


How long does a recliner normally last before breaking?

The average recliner lasts about 10 years, but the lifespan largely depends on how often it's used, whether it’s maintained regularly, and the type of environment it's in.

What parts of recliners are most prone to breaking?

The cable is the part that’s most prone to breakage. It can become dislodged or the handle can become damaged through daily wear and tear. Thankfully, this part can be easily fixed and replaced.

Can electric recliners be fixed?

Electric recliners can be repaired, yes. In reality, some of the typical techniques to mend electric recliners involve analysing and replacing damaged parts. When performing any repairs on electric recliners, it’s crucial to bear in mind that safety should always come first. If the problem is beyond your expertise and ability set, it is advised that you seek professional assistance.

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