How to correctly solve myopia

Formation conditions

1. The theory of accommodation mainly refers to the ciliary muscle spasm caused by looking close for a long time, and the thickening of the lens can not return to the original state. This kind of myopia is pseudo-myopia. It can be pseudo-myopia by paralyzing the ciliary muscle (mydriatic refraction). Myopia is eliminated.
2. Genetic theory High myopia is mostly caused by heredity. For hereditary myopia, there is no good treatment and intervention method. Maybe this task will be left to the genetic engineering scientists behind.
3. Defocus theory This is the most recognized theory at the moment. The principle is that it is mainly due to factors such as accommodative lag, which causes hyperopic defocusing caused by the image of the object behind the retina when the human eye looks close, and the increase in the axis of the eye causes the myopia to deepen.
4. The same principle also has another saying, which refers to the defocusing of the periphery of the retina caused by the imaging of the peripheral object of the retina behind the retina, which causes the increase of the axis of the eye, which causes the degree of myopia to deepen. This kind of myopia caused by axial growth is collectively referred to as axial myopia. The current vision correction is mostly carried out on the basis of this principle. There is no treatment for axial myopia, and all the means of changing vision are correction methods. Because the eye axis that has grown can not be changed back with the current technology, only pseudomyopia can be cured, while true myopia can only be corrected, not cured.

Improve treatment

1. Patients with myopia should wear glasses correctly, including frame glasses and contact lenses, and review them every 3-6 months. If the degree changes, the glasses should be replaced in time.
2. Pay attention to the eye habit. When writing, working, and reading, keep a good eye posture, the best distance is about 30-40cm. Usually, you should not use your eyes for too long. When you feel tired, you should close your eyes to rest or do more eye exercises.
3. Pay attention to a balanced diet. You can't have a partial eclipse or picky eaters in your diet. Eat more multivitamin foods.
4. Stick to outdoor activities. Ensure at least two hours of outdoor activities every day.
5. To improve the eye environment, when reading, writing, and watching TV, it is recommended to ensure proper light, neither too bright nor too weak.
6. Adjuvant treatment measures. The application of low-concentration mydriatic drugs, the application of appropriate nutritional retinal nerve drugs, Chinese medicine and other auxiliary treatment measures can all slow the development of myopia.


How to solve

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