Never use a chain that has reached its end-of-life!!!

Cutting down a tree is no small task, and it requires a powerful tool. To ensure the safety of you and your helpers during this project, make sure your cordless chainsaw is in top condition. However, if your chain is past its repair date, it is worth buying a new one. It is highly discouraged to take the money of a chain against your life!

Don't work alone when felling larger size trees

You'll be safer if you have a trusted helper standing a few feet behind you, watching the top of the tree for falling branches and notifying you when the tree starts to fall. Have your helper tap you on the shoulder with a stick to remind you when it's time to leave the area.

Do not go to work with a chainsaw that is not fully charged

When preparing to cut any number of trees, always remember to fully charge all the batteries in advance, which is an important prerequisite to ensure that the work can be completed perfectly!

Check the tension of chainsaw chain before work

Check the chain tension before starting. Recheck after approximately one hour of use and make adjustments if necessary. New chains will stretch and need to be checked after 20 minutes of use. A loose chain can fly off the bar and cause serious injury. A loose chain will also damage the drive bars on the chain BAR and prevent them from re-installing in the bar groove.

Don't use a chainsaw to cut the land

When cutting felled trees, avoid chains touching the ground, as even brief contact can severely dull the cutting teeth on a chain saw. If possible, partially cut the tree, then rotate it to cut the rest.




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