For some people, chainsaws are primarily weapons used by bad guys in horror movies because they don't find axes and machetes to be technically sound. For hands-on people, they are an important part of everyday life: chainsaws can cut wood, clear brush, remove major obstructions, and cut unhealthy branches from trees, as well as do some DIY products or woodworking work.

However, when you need a cordless chainsaw, you may have a hard time distinguishing between their types and utilities. If you found this article, chances are you have land to manage or trees to care for and need the right chainsaw to get the job done.

When you're shopping, open this guide for review and you'll be able to easily tell the chainsaws apart.

1.Battery-powered cordless chainsaw

The lightest type of power saw runs on a rechargeable battery - typically a lithium-ion battery. If you haven't used a battery-powered chainsaw in a long time, remember to put the batteries in the charger a few hours before you need to start cutting.

The battery life of different brands of lithium-ion chainsaws varies. Of course, the extent of each use will also affect the battery life, but generally speaking, you won't be in the field for more than a day before you have to go home and recharge. Battery-powered chainsaws tend to be a little less powerful than chainsaws of the same size, so they're best suited for work that can't be done in places where extension cords can't reach.

Off topic: If you hear someone talk about "cordless" chainsaws, they almost always mean battery-powered, although gas and manual chainsaws don't have cords either.

So what is the purpose of a cordless lithium battery chainsaw?
The answer is to perform small to medium sized cutting jobs anywhere you want to go

2.Gas chainsaw

Gas powered chainsaws are the most powerful and are used by professionals and homeowners alike, which may also have something to do with the fact that they were produced relatively early. This type of chainsaw is probably the most familiar to those who do landscaping at first. These gas chainsaws run on a gas-powered two-stroke engine that needs to be lubricated, just like a car. Starting them requires priming the tank and pulling the starter rope, and consumes a lot of fuel.
Gas chainsaws are by far the most powerful option most people have ever used, capable of cutting almost any size of wood. But there are drawbacks: the chainsaw is bulky and heavy, only some strong men can use it, and it smells bad and is very loud, which often makes everyone's rest time disturbed. Protection of the ears and upper body strength is a prerequisite for safe use.

Gas chainsaws are cordless and can be taken anywhere. They can only run with gasoline in the tank, which results in a greater burden that will be placed on our work.

So what is the purpose of a gas chainsaw?
The answer is: gas chainsaws are suitable for heavy duty cutting of wood and large trees

3. The choice of 8 inch, 6 inch and 4 inch in the chainsaw powered by battery

  • The 4 inch cordless electric chainsaw is small in size and very light in weight, due to its small size it is perfect for DIY making and some gardening operations, the biggest advantage of this one is that anyone can do the work, youth and women can easily operate it with one hand!
  • 6 inch cordless electric chainsaw is moderate in size, more powerful compared to 4 inch, longer guide plate, which leads to it can carry out some thicker trees felling, the operation process is just suitable for a hand size.
  • The 8" cordless electric chainsaw is on the larger side, requiring two hands for operation, the length of the guide plate starts to support the felling of larger trees, the powerful current input causes them to gain greater cutting power, and from then on with a roar and a lot of stink!
 Now, as you have seen, each type of chainsaw has its own advantages and disadvantages. Buying the right chainsaw is not a search for the "best" but rather a process of matching the tool to the job at hand. The best way to do this is to choose the tool that goes best with what you currently have.

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