Advice on choosing a recliner for the elderly

Who is the lift chair for?

Contrary to what the public first thinks of, these chairs can benefit everyone, not just the very old and immobile. By extension, other types of people can also take advantage of these chairs. People who have recently undergone any type of leg, lower body or hip surgery that has left them immobile will find this type of furniture very useful. When they use a power lift chair, they will be able to relax with ease and comfort.

asjmreye lift chairs

First let's understand the basic matters of choosing a chair

  • First, make sure it is a sturdy chair and the right size. A chair that is too big or too small can be uncomfortable and even dangerous. This is an important factor.
  • Second, consider the height of the seat. A seat that is too low may be difficult to get in and out of, while a seat that is too high may be uncomfortable to sit in for long periods of time.
  • Third, look at the width of the seat. You want to make sure your elderly loved one isn't crammed between the arms of the chair! The width of the seat should be able to accommodate their needs. The width of the seat should be able to provide a comfortable position for him or her.
  • Fourth, make sure the chair has sturdy armrests. In most cases, when you buy a new chair, it does have such armrests, but after a while, they may start to wobble.
  • Finally, make sure the chair is stable and doesn't wobble. A wobbly chair can be dangerous for people with balance problems.

    Choose the features for your family/friends that are right for them

    • Position selection. ASJMREYE emphasizes the importance of knowing how many positions a chair has - to determine which positions are most important to you. For example, if you want to snooze in a lift chair, you may want to choose a three-position or infinity-position chair rather than a two-position one.
    • Material needs. Research the material of the chair and test it in the store if possible. Some seniors need stiffer chairs, depending on their comfort level or if they have special needs.
    • Size. A lift chair can be large, so measure it and the space you intend to put it in to make sure you want the chair to fit. Avoid cluttering the space the chair sits in to reduce the chances of seniors falling as they walk to their lift chair.
    • Weight-bearing capacity. Check the weight-bearing capacity of your chair - because it works by motor, you don't want to apply too much weight to the chair on a consistent basis. Most lift chairs have a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds, but there are chairs with higher weight limits.
    • A non-slip bottom. You don't want to worry about the chair sliding when you sit or stand up, so make sure the bottom has a non-slip grip and that the chair itself is sturdy.
    • Interesting features. Some lift chairs offer a variety of features that are not medically necessary, but can improve the overall experience of the chair. These features can include massage functions, cup holders, USB charging ports, and wireless remotes.
    asjmreye lift chairs
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