What is the difference between genuine leather recliners and PU leather recliners?

When we are looking for a leather made lift recliner, most of us must have heard of the phrase “PU leather”. However, most of us barely know what it means. Is it the same as genuine leather? What is the difference between PU leather recliners and genuine leather recliners? What kind of leather is PU leather? In this blog, let’s learn something about the differences and features between genuine leather recliners and PU leather recliners.
As we can tell, genuine leather recliners are made from organic materials, typically bovine hides. There are generally 2 kinds of colors-- brown and black. The natural material determines that genuine leather recliners are more expensive than recliners made of other materials, such as man-made leather recliners and fabric recliners. It is not only just because the very top quality of hides are used, but also its natural collagen fibers provide better durability over other man-made material. Besides, genuine leather made recliners are breathable and it can last for years without being damaged easily. It will even go softer after day and day’s use.  In the long run, though genuine leather recliners are more expensive than others, its life stays longer.

PU leather, it is also known as polyurethane leather. As one of man-made leathers, it is a great substitute for genuine leather. PU leather made recliners are popular in the market because of its low price and high effect. Its appearance is more glossy and it can be produced in many kinds of color. This material is low maintenance, also it is very easy to clean. Unlike a fabric made chair, no worry if you spill water on it, just grab a cloth to dry it easily. The PU leather recliner can be used again in seconds! Except for the above, its biggest advantage is that it costs less than genuine leather. But it is thicker than genuine leather which means it may not last as long as genuine made recliners.

Compared to fabric made recliners, the leather made recliners are so much better in a range of aspects. Leather is so much more resistant to dirt and stains. This can be a great choice for a family with children. Also, leather will not smell easily like fabric. It can always keep fresh and neat. After learning about all these features and differences among the three materials, did you find out which one is the best for you? Click the link below to start choosing now!



San Juana Cortez

San Juana Cortez

Hi. When I sent you my review of the recliner, the only thing I was not happy about was that I couldn’t reach the controls on the side of recliner. You responded by asking me if it would help me if you sent me a remote to which I replied yes. It would really be very helpful to receive a remote. I have scoliosis and it is very hard to reach the controls. Please inform me on what I need to do receive the remote. . Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon.
Jane Cortez
7306 Wilder St.
San Antonio, Tx 78250
(720) 675-2446
(720) 675-2446

Rita Shaffer

Rita Shaffer

Just received my husbands chair and love it so just ordered second one . So far so good!!

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