Which One is the Best Lift Chair for You?

Has anyone ever considered that one simple activity that most of us could easily do now might become a challenge when we age? Such as getting out of a chair or sitting in a chair. These kind of things seem like nothing. However, they might be a challenge that your parents are going through. And that is why they are so in need of a lift chair.

There are 3 styles of chair that ASJMREYE is selling, its comfortable material and reasonable price made this brand’s chair one of the best choices. After reading the following, we are sure you can absolutely find one that suits you or your family.

 3-position lift chair: It is made of real leather, the weight capacity is 300 lbs. It is suitable for people whose height is 5’-6’. It comes with a vibration massage and heating function. All the functions are controlled by a remote. Besides, there are 2 cup holders, side pockets and a USB charging port. It is ideal for napping in a semi-upright position.

Power lift recliner: It is made from microfiber leather which makes its maintenance lower than other material. The weight capacity is 350 lbs. This one is a little bit larger than the 3-position lift chair. It is suitable for people whose height is 5’-6’2”. Also it has the vibration massage and heating function which is controlled by remote.

Infinite position lift recliner: It is made of real leather, also it comes with vibration massage and heating function. Its weight capacity is also 350 lbs. For people whose height is 5’-6’2”, this chair is perfect. Besides, the biggest difference from the other two chairs is that this chair is built with two motors that can operate independently to provide an infinite range of positioning options. You can raise the leg rest part and adjust the back angle separately to suit your preference. Also, you can lie flat on it.

A lift chair can be a perfect assistant for the old or disabled. It helps them get out of the chair or sit in the chair without any effort. Even if you do not need its function, it can also be in your living room as gorgeous furniture. So, come to ASJMREYE'S website and pick one now!




Need to know if available in wide seat

Kevin Reeve

Kevin Reeve

Two questions if I may:
A customer’s comment indicated the availability of an auxiliary cover for the chair I just ordered from you, how can I obtain info on this option?

The listed price was listed on sale for $939.00, with a special discount price of 8% off (tax and shipping included at the sales price of $939.00). The 8% discount was shown on both your site, and an independent consumer site, with the code being “BLB”. I inputted the code of “BLB” on all three customer ordering screens but couldn’t get it to work, could you please look into this also?

I am anxiously awaiting my new leather, dual motor, unlimited capacity for raising lounger. Have you ever noticed that customer comments always seem to address price in some fashion? Damned customers!
Look forward to doing business with you folks, and my compliments on your internet site, simple and direct to the point.
I thank you for your time.
Kevin Reeve
712 SE Railroad Ave. #13A
Wilbur, WA. 99185

Mardi Nicholson

Mardi Nicholson

My husband has Parkinson’s and is 6’2” . Trying to determine, sight unseen what chair would. E right for him. I have interest in the dual motor recliner

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