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If an area of your body is tense for extended periods, it can begin to pull too heavily on other muscles. The parts of you that receive the pull may be unable to withstand it, potentially causing damage to your posture. If left untreated, this could cause severe complications as you age.  Receiving regular massage therapy can have a lot of benefits, including stress relief, muscle recovery, pain relief, and even reduced risk of injuries.

Today, more than ever, massage chairs are gaining popularity. There’s nothing more relaxing than sinking into massaging recliner, whether that’s while getting your nails done, in an airport lounge - or even at home. With people working longer hours, having longer commute times and generally just more stressed out, massage chairs provide a way for people to relax their muscles in the comfort of their own homes. Although many people continue to prefer the firm kneading of a professional massage therapist, massage chairs offer similar results for less long-term costs and immediate availability. So before we go deep into the topic, let’s look at the roots of massage chairs.

ASJMREYE 4d full body massage chair

Roots of Massage Chairs

Massages are a great way to treat yourself and de-stress. In fact, a recent study shows even short massages are beneficial. Researchers from the University of Konstanz in Germany say a group of participants showed notable improvements in both psychological and physiological relaxation after just a 10-minute massage. This is the first study to ever conclude that the body’s parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) can be jump-started by such a small period of relaxation.

Massage Therapy began in Asia centuries ago, where practitioners learned to enhance health, healing, and happiness through the release of stress in the muscles. Fast forwarding to colonial times, a massage therapist would treat orthopedic problems by creating friction through rubbing.

Now, we have extensive knowledge and science to back up the techniques applied in massage therapy. When you break down the tools massage therapists use to heal your muscles, it combines vibration, shiatsu, and heat.

1. Vibrating Massage

Vibration therapy is one of the most basic settings offered by any massage chair. But even this basic feature provides health benefits to its users. Vibration therapy can improve circulation, improve muscle mass, and bone density, alleviate pain, and reduce stress.

2. Shiatsu Massage 

Many people who enjoy vibration massage chairs also love the feeling of Shiatsu massage chairs. Shiatsu massage therapy provides all the same benefits as vibration therapy and more. Shiatsu massage chairs use highly choreographed movements to mimic the finger pressure a professional shiatsu massage therapist applies. A Shiatsu massage can provide significant, targeted pain relief to certain pressure areas on the body. It can also strengthen muscles and stretch them out to improve recovery, flexibility, and durability.

3. Heated Massage

Heat therapy on its own is effective at relieving pain. When heat is applied to particular area, it improves blood flow, aids recovery, and promotes flexibility. When a therapeutic massage is supplemented with targeted heat, it enhances all the healing and therapeutic benefits that come with it.

Heat settings on massage chairs come in a multitude of different forms. Heated rollers can provide targeted heat to soothe pressure areas on the body. Heated seats, or total body heated massage chairs, can provide a more all-encompassing heat sensation for overall relaxation.

4. Zero Gravity Massage

Besides Vibration, shiatsu, and heat massage, most of modern massage chairs could also offer zero gravity massage. In the “zero gravity” position, your legs are elevated above your heart while you receive a massage. The zero gravity posture improves circulation and promotes total relaxation throughout the body. Zero gravity reclining chairs offer many benefits, including lowering high blood pressure. The improved relaxation and circulation also enhance the rejuvenating effects of the overall massage experience. The reduced stress and enhanced recovery can improve energy levels following massage sessions. All these benefits combine to make zero gravity massage chairs an excellent therapeutic option for many people.

ASJMREYE 4d full body massage chair

Key Benefits of Massage Chairs

Today’s massage chairs are ergonomically correct and technologically advanced. Most of us remember the massage chairs of the past that would vibrate violently. They were not necessarily the most comfortable places to sit. Modern massage chairs have the ability to target trigger points on the body, which experts claim helps to release endorphins. These endorphins are said to help ease pain and tension the affected areas. According to occupational therapist Farrah Rryar, a good massage chair can stimulate circulation, help reduce chronic stress, and in some cases, provide relief from pain and tension.

In this passage, we will delve into the key benefits that make massage chairs an unparalleled choice for those seeking ultimate relaxation and therapeutic relief. From stress reduction and pain management to improved circulation and enhanced sleep, massage chairs offer a comprehensive solution to elevate your physical and mental well-being.

1. Stress Reduction and Relaxation

In our stress-filled lives, finding moments of relaxation is crucial for our overall well-being. massage chairs provide a sanctuary of relaxation, reducing stress levels and promoting a sense of calm. With features like zero gravity positioning that enhances relaxation and music therapy integration for a multi-sensory experience, massage chairs create an environment conducive to stress reduction and relaxation.

2. Enhanced Circulation and Detoxification

Proper blood circulation is vital for maintaining optimal health, and massage chairs are designed to promote blood flow. Through features like air compression, heat therapy, and reflexology techniques, massage chairs stimulate circulation, aiding in detoxification and eliminating toxins from the body. Improved circulation also leads to enhanced metabolic function, increasing energy levels and overall vitality.

3. Pain Management and Rehabilitation

For individuals suffering from chronic pain conditions or recovering from injuries, massage chairs offer effective pain management and rehabilitation. By alleviating chronic pain, aiding in muscle recovery, and assisting in posture correction, massage chairs provide a holistic approach to pain relief. With a combination of massage therapy, heat therapy, stretching, and advanced techniques, massage chairs promote long-term well-being.

4. Improved Sleep Quality

Quality sleep is essential for overall health, and massage chairs contribute to improving sleep patterns. By promoting relaxation, reducing stress, and incorporating features like soothing sounds, gentle vibrations, and adjustable reclining positions, massage chairs help create an optimal environment for restful sleep. The mind-body connection fostered by massage chairs allows users to enter a deep and rejuvenating sleep state.

Massage chairs have redefined the concept of relaxation and therapeutic relief, providing a comprehensive solution to achieve ultimate well-being. From stress reduction and pain management to improved circulation and enhanced sleep, the benefits of using massage chairs are truly remarkable. By embracing the world of massage chair, you can unlock a new level of relaxation, rejuvenation, and overall wellness in the comfort of your own home.


With a diverse range of innovative massage techniques such as kneading, rolling, shiatsu, tapping, and more, massage chairs provide customizable options to suit individual preferences and needs. Whether you’re seeking targeted relief for back pain, neck and shoulder tension, or muscle soreness, massage chairs offer unrivaled therapeutic expertise.

If you want to relax and recharge your body in the comfort of your home, consider purchasing a massage chair. Massage chairs offer relief for tired, achy muscles - aiding in muscle recovery. Plus, the best massage chairs allow you to choose the type of massage as well as the intensity, providing a spa experience right at home.

Bringing the benefits of massage therapy to your home, massage chairs offer convenience and accessibility. With an massage chair, you have access to therapeutic benefits whenever desired, eliminating the need for frequent visits to massage therapists or spas. The user-friendly design, integration with modern technology, and time and cost efficiency make massage chairs a practical choice for those seeking relaxation and well-being.

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ASJMREYE zero gravity massage chair


Can a More Affordable Massage Chair Provide These Benefits?

Generally speaking, higher-end massage chair models are created with more advanced technologies, providing a much more realistic massage experience. So while you can still get a relaxing massage from more affordable chairs, they might not have the same targeted benefits, and if they do, they might not be of the same quality. Higher-quality massage chairs are also built to last. High-end manufacturers use more durable materials for their furniture, making them more reliable in the long term.

Can seniors use massage chairs?

Massage chairs can benefit older generations. Seniors who routinely use their massage chairs report that their chairs provide pain relief, muscle relaxation, and relieve tension. Many chairs can even improve blood flow to different areas of the body, which can have a lot of significant health benefits. But seniors with muscle sprains, bruises and fractures should avoid using massage chairs.

Whats a Zero Gravity Massage?

A Zero Gravity Massage takes place in a chair that uses the latest robotics technology. During this amazing spa treatment, your body is tilted back into a neutral, zero gravity position with your legs elevated above your heart. While your weight is evenly distributed across your spine, you get to experience a full-body massage without any human interaction. Want to experience a zero gravity massage? Our massage chairs from ASJMREYE would not disappoint you. Visit our online shop or just call 213-933-4058.

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